AHG has been a supporter of the energy industry since our journey began. AHG can provide solutions to improve energy production, efficiency, and safety at your power generation station.

Hydrogen Energy

Because hydrogen is abundant, efficient, can be produced from renewable sources, and does not create any emissions, it is constantly referred to as the fuel of the future. Significant advances have been made in the use of multiple hydrogen applications. Fuel cell technology has advanced to a point where hydrogen can become a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels.

AHG believes in a hydrogen-fueled future. This is why AHG is currently supplying and supporting the first and only Hydrogen Fueling station in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the belief that this is only the beginning.


AHG offers the gases, services, and the expertise that improve the safety, efficiency, and lower the emissions of the power industry. Industrial gases can be used for fire suppression, inerting, enrichment, and cooling purposes.

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