Hydrogen (H₂) is a molecule that makes up 98% of the known universe, and it is the third most abundant element on the Earth’s surface. Hydrogen’s boiling point is -252.9°C, and its melting point is -259.1°C. It is the second coldest known fluid, next to helium. It is the lightest of all the gases; Earth’s gravity is not strong enough to hold it in its atmosphere. Therefore, when Hydrogen gas is released, it will rise up and eventually escape into space. Hydrogen is a component of Water, minerals, and acids. It makes up a fundamental part of all hydrocarbons and organic substances. Next to helium, it is the coldest known fluid. Hydrogen is valued for its reactive and protective properties.

Your Hydrogen Partner

Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment has been in the Saudi Arabian Hydrogen industry for 20 years. AHG believes in a Hydrogen fueled future, which is why AHG has invested significantly in expanding its network of branches, and Hydrogen sources allow us to serve our customers reliably and safely throughout the Kingdom. And AHG is proud to state that we have the largest Hydrogen transportation fleet in Saudi Arabia.

AHG’s Hydrogen has been used in multiple industries and applications. These applications range from being used as a fuel source for fuel cells to generate electricity, is used in refineries to reduce the sulfur content in heavy fuels, and even to reduce industrial plant emissions by using Hydrogen as a fuel in their furnaces.

Over the past decade, Hydrogen mobility has become an increasingly relevant topic in the battle against climate change. And we, at AHG, have first-hand experience as we are currently the supplier of the first and only Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With over our 20 years of Hydrogen experience, we have a proven track record that our customers can gain peace of mind. Get in touch with AHG, and our team of Hydrogen experts can tailor fit a Hydrogen solution that best suits your needs.

Some other Applications for AHG’s Hydrogen:

    • Petroleum Refining
    • Semiconductor manufacturing
    • Aerospace Applications
    • Glass Production Processes
    • Fertilizer Production
    • Cryogenic
    • Welding and heat-treating applications
    • Fuel for transportation
    • Pharmaceutical industry Applications
    • Energy Production and Energy Carrier
    • Manufacturing Processes
Hydrogen is produced by:

Hydrogen and Oxygen are produced using the principle of Water electrolysis. Hydrogen and Oxygen, the two components of Water (H2O), are separated by passing a high electrical current through an electrolyte. Each gas purified in its own separate circuit is then pumped into the cylinders. We also use a process called Steam-Methane Reforming (SMR) to produce Hydrogen. This process, by the use of an external heat source, heats tubes in which a catalyst reaction takes place. The reaction separates natural gas into two components, Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide.


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