AHG has been the provider of choice for the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia for over 65 years. We have supplied medical-grade gases, equipment, as well as cryogenic services for magnetic resonance imaging units (MRI) to hospitals and institutions across the Kingdom. We understand the needs of healthcare providers and their patients, which is why we ensure safe, quick, and effective gas solutions to meet your requirements.

AHG is the exclusive dealer of  G.Samaras SA Medical Systems, Greece, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a renowned supplier of the complete range of Medical Gas supply systems since 1968. G.Samaras holds a vast product and services portfolio, which is characterized by high quality and flexibility to every single need.


AHG supplies the dental industry with Nitrous Oxide, most commonly known as laughing gas, and Oxygen. The purpose of which is to calm patients down during dental procedures and the Oxygen is used during and after the conclusion of dental to allow the patient to be brought back to their normal state. Using a mix of Nitrous oxide and Oxygen is one of the safest sedatives in the industry. They also have the added value of being non-allergenic.


AHG has been proudly providing medical oxygen to the healthcare industry for over 65 years. Regardless of the supply mode, we have extensive experience in the healthcare industry. We offer several products and services with multiple supply modes and ensure safety, quality, and reliability to give our customers ease of mind. We are also capable of providing the designing, installation, and commissioning of gas systems that are tailored to your healthcare facility. AHG is the exclusive dealer of G. Samaras SA Medical Systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a renowned supplier of the complete range of Medical Gas supply systems.

AHG also supplies both Entonox and Nitrous Oxide that are used for the short-term management of pain in medical procedures and treatments, Which can significantly reduce the doses of drugs used and ease the patient’s post-operation recovery.

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