Abrasive Technology Industries | Get To Know One Of AHG’s Most Valued Suppliers

Abrasive Technology Industries | Get To Know One Of AHG’s Most Valued Suppliers

Metalworking is how Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment’s journey began, and we understand the value of providing high quality products to the metalworking industry. Whether it is industrial, professional, or DIY use, the products you directly affect the quality of work. And AHG is proud to have Abrasive Technology Industries  (ATI) as our supplier of cutting and grinding discs.

Who are Abrasive Technology Industries?

ATI was founded in 2009 where their in-house team of experts began their research and development journey to create high quality cutting and grinding discs. ATI is a customer centric company that is guided their 3 core principles: Integrity, Quality, & Co-prosperity. And following these principles, almost 13  years later, ATI successfully provides the market with a whole range of Bonded and Coated Abrasives. And their product line aims to provide superior performance in the most stringent working environment through a longer life wheel that gives the shortest cutting cycles with high stock removal and at the lowest cost possible for both portable and fixed machines.

What products does AHG offer from ATI?

At AHG, we offer the complete range of grinding and cutting discs that ATI manufacture. The ATI product range can be categorized based on the intended use, and are:

  1. Cutting Discs
  2. Grinding Discs
  3. Thin Cutting Discs
  4. Flap Discs
  5. Flapper wheels
  6. Fiber Discs

To serve a wider range of customers, ATI’s has developed two brand for their product range:

  1. ATI Swords

The ATI Sword line of products are designed to provide the used with greater disc life and optimum cut rate at very competitive price points.

  1. Q-FLEX

The Q-FLEX line of products provide the user  with high stock removal, superior life, and universal applications. And the Q-FLEX product line is considered to be ATI’s premium range of cutting and griding discs.

What materials can ATI’s discs be used on?

  1. Metal
  2. Aluminum
  3. Stainless Steel
  4. Cast Iron
  5. Stone

Why Choose ATI’s discs?

  1. Innovation

ATI has been consistently, for over 10 years, increasing their customers performance while reducing their costs.

  1. Performance

All of ATI’s products differentiate from their competition by superior grains & resin which are sourced from well renowned supplier across the globe. their best-in-class performance is the direct result of our commitment to quality materials, manufacturing processes, and research.

  1. Safety

ATI’s End-User safety is the most important principle. Which is why their products bear the oSa trademark and thus meet the highest safety standards. All of ATI’s cutting and grinding tools are manufactured by using high-performance machines. This creates high-end products from a single source and able to meet stringent quality and safety requirements

AHG understands that you require nothing but the best products, and we believe that Abrasive Technology Industries product line supplies the market with the best discs available. Get in touch AHG through any of our communication channels to learn more about ATI or the Discs we carry.

Why choose AHG as your trusted?

For almost 70 years, Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment has been supplying the Saudi Arabian market with Industrial and Medical gases. AHG have a large fleet of over two hundred vehicles that transport our products across the Kingdom, and our continuously expanding list of branches are scattered across the Kingdom to ensure maximum coverage within the country. However, some of our customers require a fit-for-purpose solution to match their specific requirement or to overcome logistical hurdles that can impact their supply. This is where AHG and AirProducts, our international partners, can proudly say that we have extensive experience in providing our customers with customized solutions that provide their business with their exact requirement.

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