AHG’s Flexible Solutions That Meet Customers Largest Demands

AHG’s Flexible Solutions That Meet Customers Largest Demands

On-Site Production Facilities
AHG’s Flexible Solutions that meet Our Customers’ Largest Demands.

For almost 70 years, Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment has been supplying the Saudi Arabian market with Industrial and Medical gases. We have a large fleet of over two hundred vehicles that transport our products across the Kingdom, and our continuously expanding list of branches is scattered across the Kingdom to ensure maximum coverage within the country. However, some of our customers require a fit-for-purpose production solution to match their specific requirements or to overcome logistical hurdles that can impact their supply. This is where AHG and AirProducts, our international partners, can proudly say that we have extensive experience in providing our customers with customized on-site production solutions that provide their business with their exact requirements.

What do on-site production plants offer?

On-site gas production plants provide a dedicated and uninterrupted supply of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and argon directly at your site. On-site production delivers maximum reliability and optimization to your operation and business, all the while ensuring that the exact purity, pressure, and flow requirements for your operation are matched. There are multiple on-site production options that are designed to suit each customer’s demand and requirements. Regardless of if your business requires small volumes, similar to bulk supply, up to large-sale requirements, and low to high purity requirements we can provide your business with the optimal solution to match.

We are capable of installing production units with proven technologies such as:

  1. Reforming
  2. Cryogenic Adsorption
  3. Membrane technologies

Depending on which best suit our customers’ needs.

On-Site production is most commonly utilized in:

  1. Metal Industry
  2. Food & Beverage Industry
  3. Oil & gas
  4. Chemical
  5. Glass
  6. Paper
  7. aeronautical industries

As these industries typically have the largest demand and very specific gas specifications.

Are AHG’s solutions flexible?

And with time, we understand that your business need change. And we, at AHG, provide solutions that are flexible enough to change with your business’s needs. either by scaling up the on-site plant or by off taking the excess product AHG aims ensure that the we have the plant(s) running at maximum efficiency thereby ensuring that your operation  is as efficient as possible and that your bottom line is improved.

Our History and experience in large on-site production plants:

One of AHG’s long standing international on-site operation is in AJWAA Gases Co. LLC which is a joint venture between Saudi Arabian Refrigerant Gases Company of Saudi Arabia (SARGAS) – an affiliated company of Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment (AHG) and Air Products PLC, AJWAA has its own facility operating in Oman, inside Sohar Industrial Port (SIPC) since 2008, supplying Jindal Shadeed Steel Plant. AJWAA site consists of two A240 / L70 air separation units that are currently operational. AJWAA has recently announced that it has signed an agreement to build a new air separation unit (ASU) at Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel facility in Sohar, Oman. This represents AJWAA Oman’s third on-site Air Separation Unit in Jindal Shadeed’s steel plant. Furthermore, this additional ASU will increase capacity of gaseous oxygen (GOX) and gaseous nitrogen (GAN) by 50 percent. AJWAA’s success is a testament to AHG’s credibility in providing our customers with the best solutions for their needs.

Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions through our highly skilled staff at offices located across Saudi. Our team has been resolving customer problems related to air separation and hydrogen production plants with solutions that emphasize safety, reliability, and operating efficiency. From requirement assessments to engineering, maintenance, and technical packages, operator training, and spare parts management, AHG is ready and willing to become your one-stop shop for before and after plant sale support. And AHG is looking forward to your inquiries, where we can help you evaluate the best solution to match your business needs.

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