Cold Chain Logistics AHG Allows For More Efficient Logistics Of Temperature Controlled Items

Cold Chain Logistics AHG Allows For More Efficient Logistics Of Temperature Controlled Items

Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment has the solution for cost-effective, efficient, and simple solutions that allows the logistical industry to forget about using conventional refrigeration systems and gel packs.

What is Cold Chain Logistics?

AHG defines Cold Chain Logistics as the act of maintaining a specific range of temperature for refrigerated products when being transported and stored. Maintaining the temperature range allows for the shelf life and quality to be unaffected and ensured. Industries such as the agricultural, chemical, Food, pharmaceutical, and photographic, heavily rely on cold chain logistics.

What Does AHG Use for Cold Chain Logistics?

AHG uses specialized insulated containers to transport our and our customers’ goods to their destination. These containers are specifically designed to handle dry ice. Why use dry ice?

AHG uses and supplies Dry Ice for Saudi logistical operations for multiple reasons, such as:

  • Dry Ice is versatile and allows for both chilling and freezing.
  • Dry Ice sublimes and does not leave any residue as it turns back into a gas. Therefore, there is no cleanup required.
  • Bacteria is also inhibited when dry ice sublimes and the concentration of CO2 in the container is increased.
  • Using Dry Ice means that waste CO2 can be re-utilized, thereby supporting the Saudi Vision 2030, the Green Saudi Initiative, and also Saudi’s 2060 net-zero carbon initiative.
  • Replacing conventional refrigeration systems cuts maintenance and initial investment costs for cold chain logistical fleets.

How Can AHG be Sure that the Temperature is Maintained?

AHG can also provide advanced temperature loggers that allow for the following variables to be detected:

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Tilt
  • Shock
  • Humidity
  • Location

A single variable or a combination of any can ensure that the temperature of the products being transported are maintained and are not tampered and gain peace of mind.

 The Key Role Of Cold Chain Logistics During COVID-19 Epidemic:

  • Cold Chain Logistics was heavily used in the transport of vaccines to remote areas.
  • The vaccines that used RNA technology required ultra-low temperatures (-70°C) to be maintained during transport and storage.
  • Dry Ice was the main media of cooling/freezing as it is almost -80°C
  • AHG supplied a large amount of Dry Ice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to allow for the vaccine to be transported

What Makes AHG Your Perfect Partner For Cold Chain Logistics?

  • AHG has multiple branches across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that can supply your logistics operation with the dry ice you need.
  • We have extensive experience from our many years of supplying dry ice to the industry.
  • AHG’s experience is further backed by our participation in the ADAHI project, which allowed our team to take a very in-depth and on-hand perspective for cold chain logistics.

Why Choose AHG as your Trusted Supplier?

For almost 70 years, Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment has been supplying the Saudi Arabian market with Industrial and Medical gases. AHG has a large fleet of over two hundred vehicles that transport our products across the Kingdom, and our continuously expanding list of branches are scattered across the Kingdom to ensure maximum coverage within the country. However, some of our customers require a fit-for-purpose solution to match their specific requirements or to overcome logistical hurdles that can impact their supply. This is where AHG and AirProducts, our international partners, can proudly say that we have extensive experience in providing our customers with customized solutions that provide their business with their exact requirements. And when it comes to dry ice, AHG is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Dry ice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and through our kingdom-wide branches, we can guarantee reliable and continuous dry ice supply.

Need more info?

Get in touch with AHG to get up-to-date Safety Data Sheets (SDS), product info, and product brochures.

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