How is Dry Ice Blasting is a More Effective & Sustainable Alternative?

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How is Dry Ice Blasting is a More Effective & Sustainable Alternative?

Dry Ice Blasting |  How is Dry Ice Blasting a More Effective & Sustainable Alternative?

Many workshops and factories use abrasion blasting to smooth a rough surface or to remove surface contaminants. The most common methods are to use compressed air to blast a surface with fine particles of sand, metal, glass, and other materials depending on what abrasion level is required.

The use of Dry Ice as the blasting media has been on the rise,  At Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment providers (AHG), one of our standard products is Dry Ice which is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Find Some of the essential facts about Carbon Dioxide:

  1. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a Chemical compound comprised of Carbon and Oxygen.
  2. At temperatures higher than -78.8°C, Carbon Dioxide sublimes as it cannot exist as a liquid at standard atmospheric pressure.
  3. At temperatures below -78.8°C, Carbon Dioxide can exist as a solid, known as Dry Ice
  4. Carbon Dioxide is a colorless, odorless, and non-flammable gas that is heavier than air and soluble in Water.
  5. Carbon dioxide is considered a greenhouse gas because it helps trap heat in the atmosphere. Without it, and other gases, the Earth would be frozen.

What Are The Methods of Producing Carbon Dioxide?

  1. Carbon dioxide is mostly produced by the burning of fossil fuels or as a result of some chemical reactions.
  2. Through the use of carbon capture technologies, air or the exhausts from manufacturing facilities is blown into a recovery unit.
  3. Inside the recovery unit, the carbon dioxide is separated from the other gases that would be available in the mix and purified.
  4. After the Carbon Dioxide is captured and purified, it is then transported to suitable storage sites.

Why Use Dry Ice for Blasting?

Dry Ice blasting involves propelling pellets at extremely high speeds using compressed air. Dry ice pellets are soft and less dense than other blasting media. When dry ice pellets hit the surface of whatever is being blasted, the dry ice immediately sublimes and immediately cools what is touched.

The force of the dry ice hitting and the difference in temperature of the surface compared to what is underneath allows for the top layer such as dirt, rust, and other contaminants to be blown off easily without affecting the original surface.

What Are the Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting?

  1. Faster than manual cleaning.
  2. More effective as most parts do not have to disassemble.
  3. It is safe for electrical applications as there is no liquid residue.
  4. Dry ice eliminates secondary waste.
  5. Dry ice, by nature, is non-abrasive.
  6. By using recycled Carbon Dioxide, your cleaning process becomes “green”.
  7. Safer for operators than using chemicals.

Is Dry Ice Blasting Dangerous?

Following certain safety precautions, due to the involvement of Carbon Dioxide, ensures that the procedure is safe, these precautions include:

  1. Proper Ventilation of workspace.
  2. Limiting exposure to Dry Ice.
  3. Wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, eyewear and etc.

What Are Some of The Industries That Can Utilize Dry Ice Blasting?

  1. Food Processing.
  2. Plastics.
  3. Industries that use molded products.
  4. Automotive.
  5. Printing.
  6. Aerospace.
  7. General Maintenance and cleaning services.

And many more, the list of applications and industries is constantly expanding.  We encourage you to get in touch with us and our team of experts will learn your process and suggest the best solution for your operation’s needs.

For almost 70 years, Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment has been supplying the Saudi Arabian market with Industrial and Medical gases. AHG has a large fleet of over two hundred vehicles that transport our products across the Kingdom, and our continuously expanding list of branches is scattered across the Kingdom to ensure maximum coverage within the country.

However, some of our customers require a fit-for-purpose solution to match their specific requirements or to overcome logistical hurdles that can impact their supply. This is where AHG and Air Products, our international partners, can proudly say that we have extensive experience in providing our customers with customized solutions that provide their business with their exact requirements.

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