How MAP is Used to Increase Quality, Freshness & The Appearance of Foods?

How MAP is Used to Increase Quality, Freshness & The Appearance of Foods?

Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP)
How MAP is Used to Increase Quality, Freshness & the Appearance of Foods?

Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment (AHG) provides solutions for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), for baked goods, meats, ready meals, fruits, and vegetables, or any other food and beverage item. MAP has been widely used in industrialized countries for more than fifty years, and it can be used to improve your operation as well.

What is MAP and why is it used in the food and beverage industry?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a method of packing where the gaseous atmosphere surrounding a product inside the package is changed to preserve products, the gases that are used range from single gases to mixtures of gases. And the gases that are controlled are Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide content of the atmosphere in the package, each gas’s ratio in the controlled atmosphere differ depending on the products that are being packed. MAP is a proven way to effectively extend the shelf life of your packaged food products, and it all depends on the gas mix. We, at AHG, offer our customers the complete solution for all your MAP needs, we have the certifications, reliable supply, and the experience needed to help your business meet its target.

What are the benefits of MAP?

Increased Shelf Life, maintaining product appearance, waste reduction, and reducing costs are four significant benefits that MAP provides your business:

  • MAP increases shelf life by decreasing your product’s exposure to Oxygen. Oxygen leads to oxidization, which causes discoloration, and spoilage, ultimately the flavor is affected.
  • By extending the shelf life, the amount of wasted product is reduced and thereby reducing the overall cost of your operation.
  • While at the same time your fleet can travel farther and more efficiently as the products can travel for farther and even to other countries, which in itself can open new revenue streams for your business.
  • When it comes to the packaging itself, Modified Atmosphere Packaging can also directly reduce your packaging material costs and procurement costs. One way of doing so is by using thinner materials to pack you’re your food products and using some gas to pressurize the packaging so that it can withstand forces that would collapse the packaging alone. Packing material can also be pressurized to allow your products to be stacked higher.
  • In addition, this also supports your companies’ “green” initiatives as it reduces the packaging materials and logistical costs.

Why is MAP important?

Once the food products leave your facility, your main concern becomes safety, freshness, and appearance. As these are the points that and concerns that your customers will judge your products by. In other words, consistence is key. And MAP is an additional measure to ensure that your customers receive consistent and safe products. In a world which is becoming increasingly “green” and health conscience, the word Organic has become a normal household requirement. We live in a world where every consumer more aware than ever before, there are points to be earned by every manufacturer who can get rid of as many additives as possible to have a clean label and show that its food is basically fresh and natural.

To create the gaseous mixtures, AHG uses its Specialty Gases Centers (SGC) that are specially designed for producing Ultra High purity pure gases, High precision multi-component gas Mixtures, and other gases with stringent Quality Control and Quality Assurance Standards.

Our international partners, AirProducts, have decades of experience in MAP. Whatever your business size, we forward to helping you along the way, from identifying the best gas mixture for your product, getting you started up, to scaling up your operation. And as AirProducts’ partner, we bring this experience and technology to the Saudi Market.

Get in touch with AHG to find out how MAP can tip the scales in your favor.

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