Hydrogen | What Are The Types of Hydrogen?

Hydrogen | What Are The Types of Hydrogen?

What Are The Types of Hydrogen?

At Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases & Equipment, one of our standard products is Hydrogen. Some essential facts about Hydrogen:

  1. Hydrogen (H₂) is a molecule that makes up 98% of the known universe, and it is the third most abundant element on the Earth’s surface.
  2. Hydrogen’s boiling point is -252.9°C, and its melting point is -259.1°C.
  3. It is the second coldest known fluid, next to helium.
  4. It is the lightest of all the gases; Earth’s gravity is not strong enough to hold it in its atmosphere. Therefore, when Hydrogen gas is released, it will rise up and eventually escape into space.
  5. Hydrogen is a component of Water, minerals, and acids. It makes up a fundamental part of all hydrocarbons and organic substances.
  6. Next to helium, it is the coldest known fluid.
  7. Hydrogen is valued for its reactive and protective properties.

What are the methods of producing Hydrogen?

Using electrolysis:

  • Hydrogen and Oxygen are produced using the principle of Water electrolysis.
  • Hydrogen and Oxygen, the two components of Water (H2O), are separated by passing a high electrical current through an electrolyte.
  • Each gas purified in its own separate circuit
  • Finally, the Hydrogen is then stored into its respective storage vessel.

Using Natural Gas:

  1. A process called Steam-Methane Reforming (SMR) is also used to produce Hydrogen.
  2. This process, by the use of an external heat source, heats tubes in which a catalyst reaction takes place.
  3. These temperatures range from around 700 degrees Celsius to 1,000 degrees Celsius.
  4. The reaction separates methane (commonly: natural gas) into two components, Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide.
  5. After the hydrogen is separated, it then must be purified.
  6. Once purified, it finally transported into its respective storage vessel.

What are the types of Hydrogen and what differentiates them from each other?

The type of Hydrogen is determined by the method of production, there are three main types of Hydrogen:

  1. Grey Hydrogen
  2. Blue Hydrogen
  3. Green Hydrogen

What is Grey Hydrogen?

Grey Hydrogen is the most commonly available hydrogen type. It is created from fossil fuels and as a by-product, Carbon Dioxide is released into the atmosphere. What makes hydrogen produced by this method grey, is that the carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

What is Blue Hydrogen?

Blue Hydrogen is produced using the same method as grey hydrogen, which uses fossil fuels. However the main difference is that the carbon dioxide that is produced as a result of the reaction is captured and stored, this is most commonly referred to as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). The captured Carbon Dioxide is then utilized in other industries and applications so that it is not released into the atmosphere. The markets in some countries are unable to utilize the captured carbon, therefore green hydrogen can become a viable and sustainable option.

What is Green Hydrogen?

Green Hydrogen is the ultimate vision when it comes to hydrogen production. Green Hydrogen uses electricity sourced from renewable sources such as:

  1. Wind Turbines
  2. Solar Generators
  3. Geothermal energy
  4. Hydroelectricity
  5. Biomass

The electricity produced by these sources are used in the electrolysis method to produce the hydrogen. As carbon dioxide is not a by-product of this reaction, the process does not negatively impact our environment.

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