Hydrogen Mobility | What is Hydrogen Mobility?

Hydrogen Mobility | What is Hydrogen Mobility?

Hydrogen’s importance in achieving a “Green” fueled future

The future of energy is green. At the inaugural Saudi Green Initiative Forum 2021, HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman revealed the roadmap for the Kingdom’s energy transition. Of the announced Ambitions, one of which was an aim to reach Carbon net-zero by 2060. This is a huge commitment that places Saudi Arabia at the forefront of the fight against climate change.

AHG and our partners, AirProducts, believe that Hydrogen will play a very significant role in achieving a Carbon net-zero economy. We have been a pioneer in Hydrogen within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for over twenty years. And are capable of providing the entire hydrogen value chain for hydrogen mobility. Today, hydrogen fuel cells have become the most common technology for mobility.

The process of producing Hydrogen through Electrolysis:

  • Water is composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • An electrical current is passed through the water which splits Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • Each gas is then purified, if impurities exist, and are then stored until used
  • Because this process uses electricity, using renewable sources such as Solar and wind allows the process to be self-sufficient and green.

What are Hydrogen Fuel Cells, and how are they used?

Hydrogen fuel cells are a type of rechargeable electrochemical cell that produces electricity by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the air, in this case turning the chemical energy released into electrical energy. Hydrogen, when used in fuel cell applications, eliminates emissions as the only emission is water. However, fuel cells have a wide variety of other uses other than in vehicles, from powering homes and businesses to creating a different form of Biofuels. This technology has been around for decades and is becoming more affordable as time goes on.


The first time we used Hydrogen was to power a car. In the 1990s, the Toyota Prius went into production along with a variety of other vehicles powered by Hydrogen. At that time, these were designated as “hydrogen fuel cell” cars and were still viewed as new, exotic technology. A decade later, and now we have around 100 000 of these cars on the road in Japan alone. This is quite a remarkable increase in just ten short years! So what has changed since then? The most obvious change is the increased supply availability of hydrogen gas (produced using renewable electricity) and liquid detergents (produced using water that can be recycled).


Supporters of hydrogen energy have become increasingly vocal in their calls for an energy transition from fossil fuels to “green” sources (e.g., nuclear energy). A fuel such as Hydrogen has massive potential in this regard; its compact size makes it ideal for transportation, and it can be produced using abundant renewable electricity (wind and solar), with no need for carbon emissions or harmful byproducts.

The latest in the Saudi Hydrogen Market:

Our partners, Air Products (NYSE: APD), are the world-leading supplier of Hydrogen and Hydrogen for mobility solutions. AirProducts have also been involved in world-scale projects that aim to rapidly reduce the cost of green Hydrogen and more quickly help the world reduce its carbon footprint. Last year, Air Products, in conjunction with ACWA Power and NEOM, announced the signing of an agreement to build a $5 billion world-scale green hydrogen-based ammonia production facility powered by renewable energy. The green ammonia production project site is located in NEOM, in the northwest corner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


At AHG, we have been paving the way for the hydrogen market in Saudi Arabia. And we plan to keep pushing ourselves to set the bar even further. Through our competent employees, high-quality products, and efficient utilization of assets and resources, we will continue to excel in supplying our products and services in the safest, most competitive, and most responsible manner to maximize the added value of all stakeholders. This is AHG’s Mission Statement, and we use it as a guide in our decisions, our daily work, and the guidelines that we will follow in pursuit of a greener future.

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