Oil & Gas

We, at AHG, have proudly served the Oil & Gas industry for decades. We offer technical, commercial, and cost-effective products and services that target our customer’s specific challenges. We also have a proven track record of being responsive and reliable suppliers that rise to meet their customer’s needs.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

For Decades, AHG has been supplying our gases, equipment, and services to the oil & gas industry to enhance recovery. We are able to work closely with our clients to ensure that they receive maximum satisfaction and benefit from our partnership. We have strategically located our production facilities to meet the need the oilfield industry’s needs, and we operate a large fleet of tankers to ensure that our products are delivered on-time and when needed the most.


Traditional fracking methods involve using a liquid to pressurize oil wells in order to enhance the recovery process. AHG has the technology and product to replace traditional methods with gas. Using gases for fracking provides a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly oil recovery operation, and this is because we use gases that are inert and allow volume expansion of the fluid. The gases can also be used to purge and clean out the oil wells.


AHG is capable of supplying the offshore industry with gas solutions to meet their needs. We offer mixtures for both diving and welding that meet the highest safety and quality standards to guarantee your peace of mind. We set these standards for ourselves because we know that commercial divers must rely on the purity and accuracy of the gas mixture to get their jobs done. And that welders require a reliable supplier of high-quality gases that they can depend on.

Pipeline Services

AHG has the product, services, and technologies that allow us to provide the fastest and most flexible supply of nitrogen services in the kingdom for a variety of pipeline uses such as purging, drying, pressure testing, inerting, maintenance, or a combination of services.

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