Vision, Mission, & Values

AHG’s Vision

To be the safest, most reliable, and most profitable manufacturer and supplier of gases, gas-related products, and gas services in Saudi Arabia.

AHG’s Mission

Through our competent employees, high-quality products, efficient utilization of assets and resources, we will continue to excel in supplying our products and services in the safest, most competitive, and most responsible manner to maximize the added value of all stakeholders.

AHG’S Values

At AHG, safety is uncompromisable. Safety has been our top priority since the company was founded. It is a moral obligation, condition of employment, and vital to our operations. We are continually raising our safety standards to ensure that both our employees and our customers can have peace of mind.

At AHG, we believe reliability is associated with trust and consistency. To earn both from our customers, we must commit ourselves to perform our tasks as our customers expect of us every time.

In all our decisions, we aim to maximize the gained benefit for all the involved stakeholders. To ensure we achieve the best results, we actively communicate with our stakeholders, and we respect and acknowledge all the inputs we receive.

To meet our customer’s needs, we commit ourselves to the continual improvement of the quality of our products and services. We also actively maintain management systems to achieve the highest standards that our customers expect.

Social responsibility runs in the veins of AHG, and we are dedicated to give back to our local Saudi communities through charitable contributions. A practice that has been kept since AHG was founded.

We are committed to and passionate about constantly learning and seeking new products and services that matter to the community and to our customers.